The 10 Billion Media Fund

The Global Media Capital Fund 1, L.P. (GMCF) has captured the attention of broadcasters and publishers across the country. Conceived by Madison Avenue and designed by Wall Street, our revolutionary investment vehicle creates a new non-traditional revenue stream from your inventory of unsold media.

Participating broadcast, print, out-of-home, and internet media outlets have already committed more than 1 billion in media credits to the GMCF. With an aggressive acquisition program, Global Media Management, LLCĀ  expects to build the Fund to 10 billion of media credits through 2016.

  • The GMCF is open to all media outlets that can "invest" a minimum of $1 million of advertising time or space.
  • Investors receive "Units of Limited Partnership" as their interest in the fund.
  • The GMCF invests these "media credits" or cash secured by these credits in carefully selected growth investment opportunities.
  • Fund investors share in the profits with the General Partner, Global Media Management, LLC.