Investor Relations / Frequently Asked Questions

What is a media credit?

A media credit is a prepaid asset that we exchange for equity, or cash revenue participation. It is considered the same as cash. When we invest one dollar of prepaid media, it’s equivalent to one dollar of cash value in whatever company we’re investing in. We only invest in companies that are media driven and can consume this asset to their benefit and advantage.

How is the value of a media credit determined? How do I know I’m getting the best deal?

The value is determined when we acquire the media into the fund. We acquire it in $1M blocks from the media provider with a sum certain value. One of the Big Five Media Buying Services, that is our current select media service provider, will negotiate nationally, in conjunction with GMM, according to approved media plan which determines the spot value when negotiated and inserted with the media. Media Buying is a very fluid industry and many factors help to determine the current negotiated price of a spot. Our system, including using world’s largest Media buying services, lets us consistently buy at or considerably below SQAD (Service Quality Analytics Data), while most media buyers simply hope to achieve SQAD. This is a great media value-added for our clients.

Once invested into the fund, what types of restrictions do I have on my media credits?
Can I trade, barter or sell the credits?

We only invest media to be consumed by the specific client we have invested in.  If there is any exception, it has to be agreed upon in writing by both Global Media Management and the client.

What media mix is currently available for me in TV, Radio, Print, Outdoor, Online, etc.?
If more media will participate, what's the time frame to have both national and local coverage, as well as international coverage?

We can currently supply all forms of media. We have a dynamic media fund that we are adding to constantly through our media acquisition specialists.

What are the restrictions or rules regarding media credit usage?
Example -- Suppose I have $10M in  media credits:

a. Is there a time limit or expiration?
Yes, 10 years unless shorter term is mutually agreed.

b. Can I spend all of it in one year, or all on TV, or all in one state, for instance?
Yes, if this is in accordance with your business plan and the media plan developed by The Client and GMM.

When a business is ready to use media credits, how is it known that the right mix will be available?
If I am interested in a particular network and it's not a participant yet, what kind of lead time should I
give GMM secure the desired medium?

If we do not have a specific media in house that is required by your campaign, we will go out and acquire it. If for any   reason that specific request is not available we will seek an alternative media provider with the same demographics at the same cost per thousand. We prefer a 30- to 60-day lead time.

How is the media usage plan actually created?

We use a classic advertising agency approach to every media plan. First we assess the product, and then we assess the market. We next look at channels of distribution. Finally, we develop a cost effective media plan that supports our findings. Our marketing team has years of media strategy, media planning and media execution experience. We work with our clients to develop a highly effective strategy, which both parties mutually agree to and sign off on. We then activate the strategy with in house and contracted Media executives according to the plan.

Is there a dedicated person to help place the media?

Yes, you will be assigned a dedicated account representative with GMM. Our Selected Media planning firm will also assign a dedicated account representative. The relationship is conducted and managed through GMM.

If I want to use GMM's creative team to create advertising, what is the process?

By signing the full-service, turnkey marketing agreement, GMM will provide all creative and production to consume the media most cost effectively. We believe that great products and great services deserve great packaging and marketing.