Successful Serial Entrepreneur and Master Marketer

A Visionary Investor and Successful Serial Entrepreneur, Mr. Sam Cooper develops innovative,
synergistic, Financial Systems and Investment Programs. Mr. Cooper has been a Major Investor, not only in his Entrepreneurial Companies, but also into other Companies, both Public and Private using Prepaid Media as His Currency. Mr. Cooper currently has Investments and Ownership and/or Major Marketing Partnerships in more than two dozen Companies.

Mr. Cooper created this new Financial System for the Media Industry which is projected to generate several Billion Dollars Annually of new Non-Traditional Income for the Media Industry. Mr. Cooper uses Limited Partnership Units to acquire these Cash Convertible Assets, from an Industry that has Annual Revenue of over $500 Billion per year globally, with an annual $100B per year pool of unused and unsold commodity assets, that perish on a daily basis without producing value. He has created a financial system that converts this pool of unsold media assets into investment capital that eventually yields significant, long-term returns on what would otherwise be “non-performing” assets with unrealized potential. Then he Invests these Assets into Public and/or Private Companies to deliver additional Sales and Profits into the Portfolio Company and/or to be used as Media Asset Collateral for additional working Capital.

During his 20s, Mr. Cooper was the Founder and Producer of the highly successful Positive Thinking Rallies that swept the country throughout the 1970s and 1980s. He Invested Millions of Dollars, from his own resources, into Creating and Marketing these events, featuring top motivational speakers such as Zig Ziglar, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, Paul Harvey, Art Linkletter, Dr. Robert Schiller, Earl Nightingale and David Cooper which drew more than 3 M Attendees – an average of 10,000 to 22,000 per event. To promote his Positive Thinking Rallies, Mr. Cooper produced a unique 30-minute television documentary, which included an information hot line, that explained the eight-hour event. In the process, he helped Pioneer the TV Infomercial Industry. This ground breaking advertising technique helped sell out venues around the country and established the infomercial as a powerful new advertising paradigm. He has Produced over 200 Infomercials, over 900 iTV infomercials and over 7,000 TV and Radio Commercials.

Mr. Cooper coordinated the first national cellular marketing system in the early 1980s when the cellular industry was in its infancy. Over 90% of the 305 SMSA Cellular licenses, opposite the Bell Operating License, in 305 markets was acquired thru his marketing. He rolled out the Cellular Licensing program, with Satellite Systems Engineering of Washington, DC that generated $44 M in house which produced over 100,000 responses at $5,000.00 each, from seven weeks of his Mass Media Marketing, including an Infomercial he produced featuring Mike Douglas.

He created and is launching in 2016, the Cruise Marketing Systems, Inc. that accumulates Prepaid Cruises in exchange for Marine Diesel at a Three to One Multiple. In this $35 B Annual Industry, Fuel is the Cruise Industries' second highest expense item, and for every $100M of Fuel his system delivers to this industry, that $100M will be taken off their expense column and goes directly to their bottom line, and every $100 M on their bottom line puts over $1 B additional New Market Cap, on their Public Corp Values. This Prepaid Cruise Inventory, acquired at 1/3 the Fuel Cost in $100M increments will produce over 100% profit after all expenses, on each rollover, as he markets the Cruise Inventory online using Affiliate Marketing and Cruise Fan Clubs and Social Network Sites that have over 1.5 B members Plus thru Traditional Media.

His best creation to date, include the Mutual Media Funds, as exhibited in his Global Media Capital Fund 1, LP which monetizes prepaid media credits acquired from Limited Partnership Media Investors. He then, as General Partner of the Media Fund, invests media directly into publicly and privately held companies for equity and/or revenue participation.

Mr. Cooper has Invested Into, or Mass Media Marketed, almost every imaginable product and/or service over the last 35 years, including Medical Devices and Medical Procedures, Eye Care Procedures, Cruises and Travel, Publicly Traded companies, Real Estate Investing, Automotive Industry Products and Services, and Insurance Financial Services plus many more industries.

He has Packaged and Produced Live events with over 5,820,000 attendees, and iTV Web Cast events, including events for his brother, via, at which he has sold over $200 M of DVDs and CDs. He has produced over 200 TV infomercials, over 900 iTV Infomercials and over 7,000 TV and Radio commercials plus been interviewed over 1K times on Radio, TV and Print, with most interviews featuring both Art Linkletter and Mr. Cooper.

Mr. Cooper surrounded himself with a set of Blue Chip Advisors and Mentors as he developed these Funds of Asset Based Commodities. These Advisors have included the former President of $28 B Met Life Investments, the Former President of $24 B per year Initiative Media, the world's largest Media Buying Service, the Former Vice-Chairman of Saatchi & Saatchi, at $14 B per year the world's largest Advertising Agency, plus the Founding CFO of Federal Express, who took him to Geneva, Switzerland for multiple meetings with,

He has 14 Patents on his Email Marketing System and has been White Listed by 147 of World’s largest ISP. He has over 400 million Can-Spam Compliant Consumer emails and over 200 million Business Emails